In The Gallery

Richard Bogart

One evening, about thirty five years ago, my friend Bogie (Richard Bogart) said to me, "I guess I'm lucky Bob, people think I'm painting landscapes." Oil paint, pastel, watercolor, and graphite; these are the media of the artist Richard Bogart. His is the capacity to turn these materials into the most moving transformations-images-pictures. His is the highest of art.

The use of a word repeated over and over for five or ten minutes can create a compelling allusion only if the word is manipulated and sensitively phrased and rephrased by a great actor.

Cezanne's painting or the drawing and painting of Van Gogh come to my mind when I experience gazing at a Bogart work. It is so rare that the words "anomaly" or "genius" must be applied. But they are, these humble strokes, smudges or smears that build into architectures-narratives of place. - ROBERT NATKIN

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