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Louis Jacquet

Louis Jaquet is a fascinating painter. Exhibitors and critics of Europe and of the United States know him also as a giramondo (world traveler), an adventurer, an irregular and wonderful "pirate" of color and shapes. It is impossible to classify his style (figurative? Informal? Conceptual? ...) we cannot confine him within the rigid boundaries of art movements and currents. It is also difficult to classify him in a defined school tradition.

French, citizen of the world, with fans and collectors in the United States, a beloved home on the hills of Florence and his portrait in the famous collection of the Uffizi, Louis Jacquet is lively and omnivorous. Lively, because he participates with joy to the show of the world, and omnivorous, because he observes everything, he absorbs and transforms everything: nature, ideas, sirens of Modernity, the tumultuous universe of emotions and feelings. His joyful way of painting is one that warms up the heart and fills up the eyes with happiness. - ANTONIO PAOLUCCI, DIRECTOR OF THE VATICAN MUSEUMS

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