About the Gallery

If successful, art stirs our emotions, reminding us of what we have felt and who we are. It is the record of human experience. Each artist is attempting to create a catalyst from which feelings once experienced can be felt again and perhaps shared. We are spirits fed by our emotions. Should you ever come across such a work of art, it will have a life stirring within it, and it will be yours.

Our ability to untangle the complex workings and subtle nuances that shroud much of the art world is meaningful to us because it has developed relationships of trust spanning over thirty years. It is our belief that acquiring a work of art should be an enjoyable experience, and so our focus as a gallery is directed specifically for the long term benefit of our patrons. Gallerie 454 represents an expansive range of periods and genres providing artworks of exceedingly high quality from an international perspective. As an independent art advisory we pride ourselves in maintaining a comfortable atmosphere where novice buyers and seasoned collectors find value.

You will always be welcome at Gallerie 454. We share your passion.